Staying Organized – Are You Ready

Summer is over peeps! School starts in just a few days! Where did summer go?  Seems like yesterday school was out but it has been a busy summer for me for sure!

Getting and staying organized is a mindset particularly if you want to make your days go smoother. My personal tips for keeping organized and being consistent are this:

Never put off till tomorrow what you can accomplish today. It is so easy to say “I’ll leave it right here for now and come back to it”. WRONG! Truth is it will start the stack and you will then be overwhelmed with all the stuff in the stack that you need to put away! Also, teach the children’s responsibility to put their things away. Saving steps are not what it is all about these days!  We are encouraged to take a minimum of 5,000 steps a day! Are you counting?

Everything has a place and all things are in place! Keeping up with keys, remotes, sunglasses and the such can cause stress when you are in a hurry!  Make a mental note of where these things are to be kept at all times and it will become a habit for life!  So when the kids come along – they too will know where it is and stop the “Mom — Mom — where is the peanut butter?” (You know that “Mom — Mom” feeling I’m sure!) If it is always kept on the second shelf  on the right of the pantry you can reply and say so – but wouldn’t it be much easier to teach the children it will always be right here?

Once I was assigned a speaking topic of “Paralyze Resistance with Persistence”! The person who assigned the topic knew a little about me but by the time I finished delivering the topis she was wowed!  She had no idea that these tips I am sharing all started with my Grandmother and that my Mother reiterated them on a daily basis!  The organizational skills developed at a very young age were so well a part of me that those who heard me could better understand me! I think today it is called being “ocd” but what the heck? I am a “make it happen kind of gal”…I get things done and things are in order and you can too!

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- August 6, 2018

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